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Who is JT Morse, the Writer?

JT Morse is an award-winning, multi-genre writer whose 'why' for writing is connection. She's penned--and had published--magazine articles, poetry, personal essays, flash, creative nonfiction, and short stories. Some of the publications and presses that have produced her work include Balance of Seven, ArtHouston, Spider Road Press, and Interstellar Flight Magazine. Residing in the heart of a national forest, Morse enjoys working with rescue horses, hiking with her hounds, and spinning yarns from a hammock under a hundred-year-old, ivy-covered oak tree. 


You can learn more about JT Morse and her work on her website or via social media as @JTMorseWriter. In 2020, she led writing workshops for the Romance Writers of America, Writespace Houston, and Comicpalooza. She's currently working on two memoirs--one titled "Dalliances: The Tawdry Tales of Ms. Most Flirtatious 1994" and "One in Paris, One in Prison," the latter of which is being co-written with her younger sister. Morse is also working on a literary novel about three women who find out their spouses are serial killers. Stay tuned for news about these future publications. 

Literary Awards & Accolades

WildSound Writing & Film Festival
Winning Short Story 2016
"Tears For Baby Sister"
ScaryDad Podcast Writing Contest
Horror Flash Fiction 2019 - 1st Place
"He  Says They're Coming Home"
Feathered Quill Book Awards
Winning Short Story/Anthology 2020
"Dragons Within: Claiming Her Wings"
Literative/Endless Beautiful Podcast
Soundscape Story Contest - 1st Place
"9 Ways to Deconstruct a White Whale "
Writing Prompts Group
Winning Flash Story
"Death as His Mentor & Companion"

Interviews & Media

Voyage Houston
Author Interview
Jody T. Morse
Literative Magazine
Author Interview
Jody T. Morse
20 Questions with Mel Algood
Author Interview
T. Haven Morse
Liela's Bookshelf
Book Review
"Flooded By"
Writespace Houston
Staff Write-up
Jody T. Morse
Clancy Tucker's Blog
Author Interview
T. Haven Morse
An Open Book 
Event/Book Promo
Jody T. Morse - "I Am Strength"
Patricia Flaherty Pagan Poet Spotlight
Author Interview/Book Review
T. Haven Morse - "Flooded By"
Comicpalooza - GrowTix
Staff Listing/Schedule
Jody T. Morse
Writefest 2019
Presenter Highlight
Jody T. Morse

Podcast Appearances

Yes But Why Podcast
Author Interview
JT Morse
Writeship Podcast
Jody T. Morse Critiques
"Forgotten December"
Hustlenomics Podcast
Author Interview
"Episode 68
The Story Guide Podcast
"Letting Go of Pa"
by Jody T. Morse
Endless Beautiful Podcast
Session 47: Windy Day
Featured Guest: T. Haven Morse
Writeship Podcast
Jody T. Morse Critiqued
"Feathers of the Phoenix"
Inside the Minds of Writers
Flash Pieces & Interview
Featured Guest: JT Morse
The Short Story Show
"Sisters of the Stones"
JT Morse Flash Story
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