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2017 Release Recap!

2017 was a landmark year for our boutique publishing house! Three poetry books published, a number of collaboration projects accomplished, and the addition of a new writer in the stable. So, we wanted to give each of these highlights their moment in the spotlight, before this new year of publishing kicks off.

1. March 2017: Release of "Flooded By: A Persona Poetry Collection" by T. Haven Morse. Cover art by John Bernhard. A collection of poems written by sixty "souls" enduring being flooded by adrenaline, sorrow, sympathy, wonder, and more. (Click on the pics below to read more or purchase.)


2. October 2017: Release of "Beam Me Up, Yoda" by T. Haven Morse. Cover art by Brenna Townsley. This collection is poetry for uber geeks and story nerds! Who knew that iconic science fiction/fantasy characters could write poetry? Turns out they can!

3. December 2017: Release of "40 First Dates: One Poet's Journey" by G. Stephen Poland. Cover image by Andria Jones. These poems are all based on real-life experiences and come endearingly from the poet's heart to yours.

4. December 2017: Release of "Rising Waters" by The Woodlands Writing Guild, featuring pieces by G. Stephen Poland and T. Haven Morse. Cover design by Jody T. Morse. This is the 2nd annual anthology for this prestigious writing guild.

The newest member of the Bountiful Balcony family is poet/writer G. Stephen Poland. Though he didn't officially join our stable of writers until the last quarter of 2017, it feels like he's been with us forever! Make sure to check out his page on our website and pick up your copy of his book "40 First Dates: One Poet's Journey" today. Welcome Poet Poland!

For 2018, we've vowed to get a newsletter and a blog post out each month - to help keep you in the loop on everything Bountiful from our Balcony! So, we'll see you in February!

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