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Writership: I'm on board!

Part of the reason for my delay in producing another post has been that I got a new job!

No, I'm not giving up writing or changing career fields, just adding another element - one that I think will really help me continue to rock the literary world and express myself creatively.

I've been hired as an assistant to the Executive Editor of Writership - an editing conglomerate that not only offers a wealth of editing services but also hosts a terrific podcast. (A major boon for a podcast junkie like me!?!)

As an AEE of "The Ship", my duties vary as needed. Right now, one of my tasks is finding submissions for the podcast.

On the show, Leslie and Clark (two stellar editors) read and offer feedback on a five-page fictional piece of writing. Where did the piece of writing come from, you may ask. From you. And me. And other smart writers who would never pass up free editing help!

So, this post is actually more of a PSA in nature than blog blurb. I wanted to share this amazing opportunity with my readers, fellow writers and friends. Please share and pass this post on to anyone you think would be interested.

The link to the submission page of the website is...

And, you can follow this link to find episodes of the podcast and learn how to subscribe via iTunes or Stitcher.

Last note, for some reason my email has been on the fritz. The good people of Wix are trying to resolve the issue as I type. But in the meantime, you might want to write me at my personal email or reach out to me with the contact form on the website. Thanks!

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