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Post About My Writing Brouhaha

Looking back over my past posts, I realized that very few of them really have to do with my writing career and for the blog on an author site, they probably should?!? So, today's post is going to be nothing but an overview of what's happening in my writing life these days. You ready? It's a lot!

*These are presented in no particular order, rhyme or reason. Just as they pop into my head. No playing favorites here. I love all of my endeavors equally. :-)

#1 - The Woodlands Writers' Guild & The Flood Anthology

After my regular critique group decided to go on hiatus for the summer, I decided to check out the Woodlands Writers' Guild and I love it. A diverse group of writers supporting one other while tearing each others' work apart, word by word. It's perfect. Just teasing. Their critique feedback is very well blended in the "you rock" and the "needs work" categories. Other big news with this group, they are publishing their second anthology next year on the theme of "Flood". I've written a piece, presented it to the group and received very encouraging feedback. With a few tweaks, think "The Mythos of Olifant and Bul" may pass muster. I'll keep you posted. The guild has a FB page and a website... Check them out!

#2 - Writespace: A, B & C

A - I am the newly appointed Young Writers Program Coordinator for Writespace! Yay! Love helping promote and produce classes, workshops and other events geared toward writers under the age of 18. I was lucky enough to have a journalist/editor father, an uber-reader mom and a handful of teachers that were enthusiastic about the literary arts. Some kids aren't so lucky or they are but could use even more wordsmiths in their lives. Enter Writespace's Young Writers Program. For more info about our upcoming summer workshops, see flyer below or visit the website...

B -While my YA novella, Finding Yoshiko, has been trudging along pretty well, I'm ready to kick into high gear and get this puppy finished. So, in an effort to move it along, I reached out to a fellow YA author, Cassandra Rose Clarke, and asked for her hand in writing partnership. And she said yes?!? Mostly, Cassie will be serving as my accountability coach, concept editor and guide to the publishing process. All super important roles! You should totally check out her website... and find her books on Amazon. There are five of them!?!

C - Layla Al-Bedawi creates some of the most amazing Coptic Stitch bound books. In fact, she did a custom order for me just last month. (See below.) It's amazing! Today she's teaching a workshop about this art at Writespace. Unfortunately, I had too many other obligations on my plate to go but I hope she'll do one in the future that I can attend. Check Layla out on Twitter - @frauleinlayla or on FB under her name.

#3 - ARTHouston Magazine

Later this month, I have the crazy honor of interviewing a famous Houston socialite and philanthropist on behalf of ARTHouston magazine. Then, as if that wasn't enough, I'll be writing the follow-up article for publication in the fall issue. Excited beyond belief! Check out editor John Bernhard and this stunningly beautiful magazine...

Hanging in there? This is a long post. Last bit of exciting news...

#4 - Luna Station Quarterly and Lady Morse Code

I pitched Luna Station Quarterly, a speculative fiction magazine by women authors, a blog column idea for their website and they loved it. So, starting next month, you and their regular readers will be able to meet Lady Morse Code and the League of Extraordinary Authoresses. Such a fun project for me as a creative writer! Their site is... Stay tuned. :-)

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