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Quelf, Family Bonding at its Best

While home in Kentucky for a family visit, my sister suggested we play a game. Sometimes finding a game that's appropriate for two thirty-somethings, a teenager and an eleven-year old can be hard. A few night's ago though, we hit the family-bonding game night jackpot when we open the box lid for Quelf created by Witty Bang Games, LLC.

Barely ten minutes into the game, my stomach already felt sore from laughing too hard, for too long. Tears streamed down my face and my cheeks hurt in the best way possible. My gaming companions also felt the effects of Quelf's hilarious spell. Declarations of "I almost peed my pants" and pauses in play due to someone falling off their seat became staples of the evening.

I share this review in effort to help other families looking for a way to liven up their stale, boring weekend nights at home or desperate for a multi-generational acceptable activity for reunions. This PG-rated game, in my opinion, brings laughter to the table while also requiring some level of critical thinking, creative logic and a bit of trivial knowledge. Stimulating but in an innocent, wholesome way.

Just as a side note, favorite parts of the game included my sister having to act like an angry gnome, my daughter drawing a card making her respond "Are you talkin' to me?" in her best old-school gangster voice anytime someone asked her a question and my niece's nursery rhyme accompanied Irish dance number. Hilarious! Go buy this game!

You're welcome.

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