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Better Late Than Never!

Yes, yes this is blog post number two. A mere four months after post number one. I've had so much incredible life happening that I never took the time to blog about it?!?! Hopefully, I have now broken the seal and will jump with both feet onto the blogging bandwagon. Maybe. We'll see.

So, what has been rocking my world these past few months or so? Let's see...

Writefest! A grass roots writing festival for new and emerging writers. I not only attended but volunteered. So, that was pretty much what my February consisted of...entirely. For more info, visit

Completely entralled and invigorated by Writefest, I spent most of March building my submission spreadsheet for my fiction work and writing like a mad woman. Flash fiction and mag articles mostly.

April, NaPoWriMo, was focused on poetry mostly, duh. Plus reignited the flames of my passion for photography - which goes swimmingly with poetry, discovered The Moth Live in Houston - even told a story on the stage my first night there, and got flooded in a few times - the rainfall this spring has been rediculous!?!

May has seen me exploring new venues for bread and butter mag work while winning the WILDsound Writing Festival One-Page Short Story prize and submerging myself into an amazing rewrite of my YA Novella - working title: Yoshiko (formerly known as Under The Ivy Tree).

So, I have not been resting on my laurels while not blogging. I've been quite the busy creative beaver. Promise not to let so much time elapse before my next post. But if you catch me blogging here every day, yell at me to get my butt back to work and quite lollygagging on my silly personal blog page!

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