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My poem "Midwinter's Faire" was featured in the December 2020 issue of LadyFaire Living magazine. 
LadyFaire Living, Issue Vol. 1 No. 2
LadyFaire Living Mag
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                                                     Burnin' Resolution                                                      

 there It stands

       in the middle of a field

            blue bonnets 'n clover

                      verdant arms outstretched

                   beckonin' me to It

              but I refuse It's call

          i ain't no victim

                      i'll not be found swingin'--

 --not from It's branches

       the Hangin' Tree got henchmen

            they'll hunt and haunt ya'

                      but not today

                   not this way

              the Hangin' Tree ain't gonna get me

         the Hangin' Tree ain't gonna get my mama

                      the Hangin' Tree is gonna burn--I say

by Jody T. Morse, published in "Our Haunted Woods" (2018)
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