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 ~~ Photography - A Connection Between Light, Images, & Eyes ~~ 
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JT Morse has been obsessed with images and photography her whole life. Whether posing for pictures or taking them, Morse loves connecting with the light as it dances, capturing emotions as they swirl, and glimpsing shapes as they play hide and seek with form and function. She's shot events, portraits, and landscapes in macro, micro, and abstract modalities--and loves them all. In addition, post-production and editing are as enjoyable for her as the shoots themselves. Her work has been published by TexasLiving, Houstonia, and Synkroniciti magazines. You'll also find her work on many websites, brochures, book covers, resumes, and holiday greeting cards. 

Feel free to peruse the galleries on this page for samples of her work, and use the contact page to reach out for a quote or if you have a question. Thanks!

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