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 Memoir & Creative Nonfiction 

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Living in the Spaces Between 

by Jody T. Morse & Gretchen McDaniel

Life is lived in the spaces between pivotal moments. The choices we make and experiences we endure in the wide gaps between the mile markers of our lives are poignant. Yet most of us only remember, reflect on, or explore what we consider the bigger events - births, graduations, marriages, divorces, etc. In "Living in the Spaces Between," author/artists Gretchen McDaniel and Jody T. Morse journey down the paths they've taken in the in-between. Join them as you recapitulate your own life's spaces. Published by Bountiful Balcony Books, in collaboration with WiVLA.

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In Media Res: Stories From the In-Between  

from Writespace - including: "Middle Stream" by Jody T. Morse

In Medias Res: Stories from the In-Between is a collection of stories put together by Writespace, a Houston-based literary center. These stories focus on characters who are thrown into or stuck between different cultures, communities, families, races, genders, self-images, dimensions, or continents. They explore the gray area—the uncomfortable, the undefined. These are characters in the middle of it all: middle children, mediators, people in the middle of their lives, in the middle of a mess—“in-between.

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This year the annual Houston Fringe Festival was held predominately online, yet it still brought all of the magic, creativity, and talent that it always has in the past. JT had two pieces chosen to be read during the Storytelling on the Fringe writers' showcase during the festival, her sci-fi flash piece titled "The Birth of Sister 52" and her circus-themed spec fic story, "The Box." In addition, she performed selected letters and essay excerpts from her current memoir WIP "Dalliances: The Tawdry Tales of Ms. Most Flirtatious 1994" in-person for a (social distanced) audience and received a standing ovation. Videos to come. Stay tuned. 

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I Am Strength! - True Stories of Everyday Superwomen 

Including: "Sitting in the Soul of the World" by JT Haven

and "Climb, Baby Sister, Climb: by Jody T. Morse

Women are superheroes. Strength is built into every aspect of our lives. I AM STRENGTH is a collection of true essays, poems, and art created by women from all walks of life championing our everyday struggles and triumphs.Every woman has a song of strength to sing, and I AM STRENGTH will help amplify it. “In my life and work, I have learned that the experiences shared in Alyssa Waugh’s I Am Strength are all too common. That’s why strong and insightful voices like the ones brought together in this collection are so important—they remind us that we are not alone, that we have so much to share, and that our sharing has the power to help others feel seen and supported in their own lives. These stories are a gift.I AM STRENGTH is a stirring collection of poetry, personal essays, and visual art that will open your eyes, break your heart, and above all, remind you that you are strength, too.”

— Chloé McFeters, director of You Look a Lot Like Me and author of Still, But Not Silent

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