JT Morse tiptoes on the fine line between recklessness and bravery every time her fingers grace the keys or pick up the camera. As a multi genre writer, Morse pens everything from corporate website content to deeply heartfelt essays, from award-winning horror fiction to eye-catching ekphrastic poetry. As a photographer, her work covers the gamut from family portraits to marketing promos to sporting events. As an editor, she's one-third charismatic cheerleader, one-third hard-nosed writing coach, and one-third visionary helping make your literary dreams come true. JT Morse is, for better or worse, all of this and a more. Thanks for visiting this site!

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Color:Story 2020/21 Acceptance!
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Interview with EIC of CSMS Magazine
Spotlight Feature by ShoutOutHTX

From the article:

We had the good fortune of connecting with JT “Jody” Morse and we’ve shared our conversation below.

Hi JT , why did you decide to pursue a creative path?

I am at heart an artist. My pulsing core consists predominately of waves of art, clumps of creativity, and wisps of imagination...

To read the rest, visit https://shoutouthtx.com/meet-jt-jody-morse-writer-editor-photographer/.

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