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Companion of the Ash 

featuring "Sisters of the Stones" by JT Haven

The Greeks lay siege to Troy, killing Andromache's true love, Hector, and sacking the city. Legendary, this courageous heroine weathers the flames of war and endures a savage journey to a strange land. There she strategizes to keep friends and loved ones alive. A survivor, Andromache fights to stay true to her country, her family, her beloved husband’s memory, and herself. Reader’s Bonus: flash fiction by the winners and administrators of the Spider’s Web Flash Fiction Prize.

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Forest cover.jpg

 Forest of Angels 


Published by the Woodlands Writing Guild Featuring "Robyn Via Heaven" and

"Stained, Broken Glass" by JT Morse

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Our Haunted Woods


Published by the Woodlands Writing Guild Featuring  "Death to John Doe"

by T. Haven Morse

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Tales of Texas: Short Stories, Vol. 2 

featuring "More Than a Pigg" by JT Haven

This collection published by the Houston Writers' House features short stories set in or about Texas. "More Than A Pigg" by JT Haven is about a young girl that takes Ima Hogg as her imaginary best friend. She and Ima endure a lot together, even death. Heartwarming, funny, and sad--this character-driven story leaves a Texas-sized impression.

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101 Words

"Ha'shem Beamed" 

T. Haven Morse

Paragraph Planet

"Morning with Dane" 

T. Haven Morse


"He Says They're Coming Home" - JT Morse

The Drabble

"For HIm Anyway" 

 JT Morse

dragons within.jpg

Dragons Within: Claiming Her Wings 

featuring "Drachenpferde" by JT Morse

Welcome to Dragons Within: a fiery, quick-paced collection of stories featuring twelve women with dragon-like traits who hold untapped magic and power within. Some are full-blooded dragons, while others are simply human--but each carries the spirit of a dragon. Bringing together the fantastical and the mundane, the unique stories in this anthology span a wide range, from trial by magic and first encounters between human and dragon--to facing writer's block and harnessing the power of language.

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Animal Uprising!


Published by Nightmare Press

Featuring "The Lion, The Witch, & The Walrus" 

by JT Haven

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Creatives Rising

Spring 2019 Issue

Featuring  "Meeting Gaia"

by JT Haven 

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Creatives Rising EZine - Meeting
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