Headline News: Houston Fringe Festival 2020

JT Morse tiptoes on the fine line between recklessness and bravery every time her fingers grace the keys or pick up the camera. As a multi genre writer, Morse pens everything from corporate web content to deeply heartfelt essays, from award-winning horror fiction to eye-catching ekphrastic poetry. As a photographer, her work covers the gamut from family portraits to marketing promos to sporting events. As an editor, she's one-third charismatic cheerleader, one-third hard-nosed writing coach, and one-third visionary helping make your literary dreams come true. JT Morse is, for better or worse, all of this and a more. How can she help you?

This year the annual Houston Fringe Festival was held predominately online, yet it still brought all of the magic, creativity, and talent that it always has in the past. JT had two pieces chosen to be read during the Storytelling on the Fringe writers' showcase during the festival, her sci-fi flash piece titled "The Birth of Sister 52" and her circus-themed spec fic story, "The Box." In addition, she performed selected letters and essay excerpts from her current memoir WIP "Dalliances: The Tawdry Tales of Ms. Most Flirtatious 1994" in-person for a (social distanced) audience and received a standing ovation. Videos to come. Stay tuned. 


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